Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Challenge Group - finally finished!

After several late nights sewing, cutting, and more sewing I have finally finished my Antique Flower Garden quilt.  I have to say that until the final pieced border went on I was not really enamoured with it... glad I had learnt how to needle turn appliqué but not exactly in love with the almost completed project.  Anyway all those thoughts changed once the final border went on...  I have to say that I am happy with the completed quilt even though there is a giant mistake that I am not happy about but can't fix unless I take the whole thing apart.  However I am not going to point out the mistake cos everyone assures me that it is not that noticeable.  Is it obvious and they are just being polite?

In celebration of the end of the 2010 Challenge we went and had breakfast at Lintons Cafe in Mt Eliza where Trish was awarded the Challenge Group Trophy.  As the previous winner I was the treasurer this year and was horrified to realise that while 2nd last I had paid a total of $30 in fines, Nicky had paid $40 and Rachel only $5.  This meant that breakfast was cheap!  On the bright side it has made me all the more determined not to pay a single fine in 2011.  I have even started and almost completed my first block for the 2011 Challenge.  All will be revealed in my next post...


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  1. This is stunning Amy, love the colors. The borders frame it beautifully. Well done. I'll look forward to seeing it in the flesh.