Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wrist Pin Cushion

Kathy, my mum, has a long arm quilting machine and she has found that having a wrist pin cushion is essential when working on a quilt.  A couple of months ago while I was visiting her home I noticed the wrist pin cushion that she was using.  It was obviously made very quickly and was not very attractive.  The worst part was that as it had no backing material most pins scratched her arm if they went into the pin cushion too far.  Kathy said that she would love a pin cushion for Christmas.  I got the hint but I didn't want to make just a plain boring pin cushion.  A quick search of the Internet resulted in a number of inspiring options from Girl in Pink, Flutterby Patch, Embroidery Garden, Needle Book, and Keyka Lou.  I decided to make one that was was a combination of a few of them, a wider cuff would ensure that the elastic would not leave marks on the arm and I decided to use templastic to create a hard disk to ensure that the pins wouldn't hit the skin when in the pin cushion.  I used leftover Mrs March fabric from my Antique Flower Garden Quilt to create a Jane Austenish pin cushion!


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