Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Birthday Gift

 Angela, my Aunt, is a quilter too!  It was her birthday last week and I made this finger pin cushion.  She does a lot of hand piecing, appliqué and quilting and I have noticed that others find a finger pin cushion very handy.  She didn't have one so I made it!  I found my inspiration from Shannon makes stuff and Very Big Jen.  Please note that I had a manicure the day of the photo and my purple/black nails were not selected to match the pin cushion, though it is an amazing coincidence!

And what did we do BG (Before Google)?  Every time I want to make a small project I have done a quick search on Google and usually find a number of different and interesting options.  These sites have proven to be very helpful, particularly for me as they offer visual explanations of each step.

My fabulous pencil case, it is fabulous cos I have had it for over ten years and while small is carries a veritable treasure trove of items, anyway it has a broken zipper.  So I guess the next project is a zipper pencil case...

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