Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Q1 2016 Finish-A-Long

Hello again!

2016 FAL
Recently I was tagged on the Finish-A-Long on Instagram... I have done some investigating and I've decided to join the 2016 Finish-A-Long - it might give me a much needed boost to my sewjo (sewing mojo) and hopefully I'll complete a few projects too!!!  Anyway the first part of the Finish-A-Long is to post my proposed list of projects that I will finish in the first quarter... so here goes!
  1. Antique Flower Garden - pieced, quilted, bound... just waiting for me to hand sew the binding.

  2. Butterflies - appliquéd, pieced, quilted... just waiting for the binding to be added and then hand sewn.

  3. Flower Foundation Papers wall hanging... I started this years ago as a class to teach members at Point Nepean Patchworkers and Quilters how to foundation piece, others finished I never did!!! 
  4. Swoon - blocks 1 - 3 are complete but my sewjo has disappeared for the others, I'm hoping to find it and get this one done in time for our first 2016 Challenge Group Meeting in February. 

  5. My Favourite Things... I get so far and then stop at the last bit, I just have to finish putting this one together as all the blocks are finished.
  6. Christmas Bunting - this one was a dare with a friend, she won, I was all talk and not much action!

  7. Bunting House Pin Cushion by Cinderberry Stitches - I started this at a stitchery retreat and didn't do much more after the first day.
Long term goals for the Finish-A-Long is to get started on Carolyn Konig's Marriage Quilt BOM (I have been getting the monthly mail outs for a year now and not progressed beyond cutting out month one), working on my Judy Newman needle turn appliqué quilt, French Market MedallionFairyland by Natalie Bird, oh and let's not forget Farmer's Wife!  I'm sure there will be more added to the list - but that can be added to the Q2 2016 Finish-A-Long list!!

So if you are inclined to also join, I have included a link to the instructions on Mrs Sew and Sow's blog.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Challenge - ready, set, GO!

Quilt Challenge 2013-2014 is The Farmer's Wife Quilt!  I purchased the book a few years ago when I was looking for a pieced project with NO applique... However I didn't get started straight away cos I was stuck on selecting colours.  Stuck until I saw these colour variations!  This gave me the idea that I could do this in fresh, bright colours - so I have raided my stash (and purchased a lot more fabric) to use in this project.  It is a massive project and I'm not quite sure how I will fit it, University and work in but I'll give it a good go - it will also be the only project I'll work on this year... LOL!
fwqal button
Anyway I have decided to use mostly Tilda Fabric - not all of it is from the one range, I'm trying to go for a scrappy look so the different ranges and the fact that I have not selected any background fabric will hopefully give it that look.

Today I started with washing my fabric.  I stopped pre-washing a few years ago but recently read an article that outlined the pros and cons of pre-washing and the look of the quilted project after the first wash.  Most fabric shrinks the first time washed and I'd rather it shrink before I use it rather than when in a finished quilt, the shrinking of the fabric gives your completed quilt a slightly puckered look and while I don't mind it there have been some quilts where this happened and I was very disappointed.  Pre-washing also gets rid of all the chemicals that the fabric is treated with to keep insects away - great when you are making a walling hanging that you don't plan to wash, not so great  for you while sewing as you are exposed to these chemicals!
Washing line full!
Now I'm off to iron all forty-five pieces!
The only time I like ironing!

Monday, March 4, 2013

A busy few months...

I know I haven't written anything since October but I have been busy...

I went overseas for Christmas...

Germany for Christmas - no snow at all, very disappointing!  Rest of the experience was fantastic.
Christmas Market in Nuremberg
Christmas Market in Nuremberg
Then I went to Scotland for Hogmany, yet again no snow... And Europe is not that cold in Winter!
Edinburgh - loved it all!!!!
Loch Ness - and I slept through the 10 minute snow storm on the way back to Edinburgh!
Hogmany fireworks in Edinburgh
Hogmany fireworks in Edinburgh
We caught the train to London, I can recommend traveling by train over a flight - you don't save any time but you don't wait at an airport!  And yes, there was no snow, I went all that way for a white Christmas and didn't see snow once!!!! However there was a big dump right after I left, so much so that friends had difficulty getting home.

Piccadilly Circus - lost Mum here!
Tower Bridge
And then once I go home... couldn't be bothered to do any quilting!!!  Went to concerts instead!

On a more serious note I have been having problems with my left hand.  Perhaps I should listen to the doctor and give both hands a rest - that means trying to limit my sewing and computer time... what will I do?
trying to finish My Favourite Things Quilt
So I am limited to machine piecing... cutting is a problem though so I can only do a little at a time...

My version of a Pink Lemonade quilt
I have seen several pink lemonade quilts that I have just loved, thought I would give one a go so I raided the stash and made this over the weekend.  Colour doesn't look great as it has been photographed at night.  I'll try and remember to take one in the morning in day light.  I think it needs borders and am thinking of a narrow green with a wide boarder... I have the perfect wide border fabric - it has pink, yellow and orange.

I have also come full circle, twelve or thirteen years ago I started quilting when I finished my Masters degree.  I wanted to learn something new and something different so walked into a quilt shop and signed up for a class that started two days later.  Now I'm about to go back to Uni and complete another PostGrad Diploma... not sure I want to give up quilting time for study!!!

Be back soon... I promise!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying to sew...

Trying to sew...
But I feel guilty cos I have a mountain of correction... I'll get over that feeling quickly!
However I have carpel tunnel and can't feel my fingers...
And I have tennis elbow and my elbow is painful...

BUT I want to sew!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

MIA but now I'm back!

It was a bit of a shock to realise that nine months have passed since my last blog update.  After many months of dealing with health issues and work stuff I am finally back!  I promise to write more regularly, maybe!!

I may have neglected Back Beach Quilter with updates about my crafty adventures but I have been working consistently on my 2012 Challenge project.  Here is a bit of a pictorial update on my progress thus far.  Not sure what month is what anymore and I didn't want to waste time looking for my monthly checklist, all I know is that this is the work for February to July... August and September are still to be completed.  Next year I want a nice easy challenge, perhaps a pieced quilt?

Made the photo collages with photo shake on the iPad, much easier that struggling with blogspot and image placement. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A finished quilt, well almost!

I am in the process of getting as many projects finished before I go back to work next week and I thought I would have a go at quilting on the quilting machine at Mum's house.  She can't use it at present as she is recovering from her shoulder surgery so I may as well have a go!  I've loaded it on the machine and selected the designs I want to use, now it is just time to work on it.

I started this quilt some months ago and got most of it completed in one day but came to a stand still when I couldn't decide what to do for the final borders.  Well in my desire to get it finished and off my UFO list I made a decision...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Challenge Quilt 2012 - My Favourite Things Quilt

I spotted a new book a couple of months ago, "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Anni Downs.  There were many tempting projects inside but the quilt My Favourite Things was just beautiful and I suggested it as an option for our Quilt Challenge 2012.  Everyone it the group loved it and we decided that the pattern was flexible enough that a beginner or experienced quilter would be able to complete this project with ease.

 However the rules had to made very clear!  So we have nominated a number of blocks to be completed each month and each participant can select how the pattern is completed, applique can be done the hard way (Needle turn) or the easy way (visoflex).  There is even stuff that can be done to work ahead!  We also added the challenge of each member contributing a fat quarter of fabric that would would be drawn at our January breakfast meeting as a lucky dip.  Here is the fabric I selected to contribute and here is the fabric I won. Each quilter has to use the fat quarter on their quilt top but there is no stipulation about how big or small the piece(s) is to be!
My contribution
Lucky Dip Challenge

I have selected all my background fabrics and decided to think outside the square.  Instead of cream and beige I have gone grey and grey...

What do you think?