Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying to sew...

Trying to sew...
But I feel guilty cos I have a mountain of correction... I'll get over that feeling quickly!
However I have carpel tunnel and can't feel my fingers...
And I have tennis elbow and my elbow is painful...

BUT I want to sew!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

MIA but now I'm back!

It was a bit of a shock to realise that nine months have passed since my last blog update.  After many months of dealing with health issues and work stuff I am finally back!  I promise to write more regularly, maybe!!

I may have neglected Back Beach Quilter with updates about my crafty adventures but I have been working consistently on my 2012 Challenge project.  Here is a bit of a pictorial update on my progress thus far.  Not sure what month is what anymore and I didn't want to waste time looking for my monthly checklist, all I know is that this is the work for February to July... August and September are still to be completed.  Next year I want a nice easy challenge, perhaps a pieced quilt?

Made the photo collages with photo shake on the iPad, much easier that struggling with blogspot and image placement. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A finished quilt, well almost!

I am in the process of getting as many projects finished before I go back to work next week and I thought I would have a go at quilting on the quilting machine at Mum's house.  She can't use it at present as she is recovering from her shoulder surgery so I may as well have a go!  I've loaded it on the machine and selected the designs I want to use, now it is just time to work on it.

I started this quilt some months ago and got most of it completed in one day but came to a stand still when I couldn't decide what to do for the final borders.  Well in my desire to get it finished and off my UFO list I made a decision...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Challenge Quilt 2012 - My Favourite Things Quilt

I spotted a new book a couple of months ago, "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Anni Downs.  There were many tempting projects inside but the quilt My Favourite Things was just beautiful and I suggested it as an option for our Quilt Challenge 2012.  Everyone it the group loved it and we decided that the pattern was flexible enough that a beginner or experienced quilter would be able to complete this project with ease.

 However the rules had to made very clear!  So we have nominated a number of blocks to be completed each month and each participant can select how the pattern is completed, applique can be done the hard way (Needle turn) or the easy way (visoflex).  There is even stuff that can be done to work ahead!  We also added the challenge of each member contributing a fat quarter of fabric that would would be drawn at our January breakfast meeting as a lucky dip.  Here is the fabric I selected to contribute and here is the fabric I won. Each quilter has to use the fat quarter on their quilt top but there is no stipulation about how big or small the piece(s) is to be!
My contribution
Lucky Dip Challenge

I have selected all my background fabrics and decided to think outside the square.  Instead of cream and beige I have gone grey and grey...

What do you think? 


Monday, January 16, 2012

An Angels Story - Winner!!!!!!!

I won!!!!!

Came equal first with Karen, here is a photo of the completed quilt.  Lost the love at the end and was tempted to throw in the towel but Trish (keeper of the trophy) had already had our names put on the trophy... So the pressure was on!

Now onto quilting but I am not sure how I want it done so I think I'll hold onto it for a while and think.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missing block - An Angels Story

I am finally putting together all my completed blocks from An Angels Story. Today I got part one completed, however you can imagine my shock and horror when I moved onto part two to find that I was missing a block.

Now imagine, dear readers, my concern and reaction. I tore my sewing space to pieces in the search for the missing block. Then I remembered a visit from a dear friend, a friend who shall remain nameless. (I shall give you a hint, I am her toilet spot when she works in the area during the summer holidays.)

Please also remember, dear friends that currently I am in equal first position to win the 2011 Quilting Challenge. Is this a devious plot to ensure that my competition ends up first?? Has my friend turned traitor and decided to determine the result of our friendly challenge and allow a third party to win the trophy? All these questions were running through my mind, when I had a light bulb moment... Yes the block was found in with another project, I shall have to apologise for thinking that my friend would contemplate doing something so devious... but remember we are all very competitive!