Sunday, November 28, 2010

What will be my challenge project for 2011?

I can't decide what to do for my challenge project in 2011. I have a number of options... but I can't seem to make a decision!

Book Design from An Angel's Story
Option 1
An Angel's Story
I was meant to complete this project a few years ago but only selected fabrics and completed some tracing and ironing. I like this quilt as it is a mixture of machine appliqué and hand embroidery. As a bonus working on this project would mean another quilt could be removed from my UFO list.

Vignette by Leanne Beasley

Option 2
Vignette by Leanne's House
I really like the look of this project, lots of hand embroidery and piecing - this would be the easiest of all the options. However this is a quarterly magazine subscriptions so I am not sure how it will work out as a monthly project. Might be a bit hard as I have to establish right from the start what I will be doing each month and if I haven't seen the other magazines how do I know...

Twelve Days of Christmas by Quilter's Bazaar
Option 3
Twelve Days of Christmas by Viv's Creations
I started purchasing this months ago when I was at Quilter's Bazaar in Gisborne.  I just loved the mixture of needle turn applique and hand embroidery.  The fabrics are mainly sourced from Mill Hose Inn by Fig Tree Quilts, not colours I normally work with but the peach and green hues really appealed.   I didn't start it straight away cos I had an injury which made hand sewing very painful.  This would work out well as a BOM Challenge project cos it is a monthly project!

Option 4
Life is a Celebration
This was the BOM featured in Homespun magazine in 2010.  It has now concluded but I have all the magazines and the fabric... another project that is a mixture of machine applique and hand embroidery.  I loved the fabrics used in this project which is why I purchased the fabric kit.  It might be better to make it sooner rather than later, in case I loose a magazine. 

I have heaps of other options as I have a couple of other BOM pattern sets and plenty of books to choose from but I think it better to narrow my selection down to the few that I like the most at present.

What option do you think I should select and why?

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  1. you've been very busy!! Your blocks look great. Pick something for your next challenge group that will take you ages and is very complex. Then I can win!