Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flowerdale Retreat

Every year the quilting group I belong to, Point Nepean Patchworkers and Quilters, organises a weekend retreat and for the last two years it has been held at Flowerdale Estate. The 2010 Flowerdale Retreat was last weekend and yet again it was fantastic.  The food is yummy and the accommodation is spacious.  Having a whole weekend devoted to sewing is just wonderful and I was determined to use my time to just sew.  The grounds at Flowerdale Estate are beautiful, it was a great to have sunny weather that wasn't too hot and lovely spaces to sit, sew and chat with the other ladies.
Main Building - Original House

View from our room over the lake

Sitting in the garden and sewing

Sitting in the garden and sewing

I arrived about 5pm on the Friday night to set up my sewing machine ready for a weekend of sewing.   I made the binding for two projects and put them on their quilts, now all I have to do is hand sew the binding to finish the quilts - this can be a lunchtime job while at work!

Then I spent the rest of my time getting the larger blocks together for my Antique Flower Garden Quilt.  I also worked on the pieced border for this quilt - it is an hourglass block and I need about 140 so it may take some time!  All I have to do now to complete this quilt is the sashing between the larger blocks and finish the pieced outer border.  I think I was a bit ambitious to think I could get all of this done in a weekend!

On the Sunday morning after I packed up the sewing machine I decided to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and work on some hand embroidery.  I started this project at the Immerse Yourself in Stitchery Day in September this year, it is a little stitchery bag which can hold your sewing and your hoops.  It will be a handy item to have so I hope to finish it soon.
I'd love to stitch the day away!
  Can't wait for the 2011 Retreat - I wonder will it will be?


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