Saturday, November 13, 2010

Challenge Group - no I haven't done my homework (again)!

Essential Nibbles!
Last night was Challenge Group and yet again I had not done my homework and had to cough up the $5 fine!  I think with this current project I have paid quite a lot in fines, but experience has shown that once you get behind it is very difficult to catch up.  Oh well, once this quilt is finished I will try and keep up next year.

We started Challenge Group three years ago, the idea of it was to meet frequently and challenge each other with a quilting project.  Most of us had been quilting for some time and didn't really need to 'do' classes any more but part of the fun of quilting is the social aspect of sewing with friends, so Challenge Group was born.  Currently we are all working (except one) on a Block of the Month called Antique Flower Garden we purchased from Magic Patch Quilting.  As we signed up at different times our fabrics are slightly different but are all from the Mrs March Range by Lecien.

My Needle turn block - unfinished of course!
I have really enjoyed working on this project more because it has been a real challenge.  I have had to learn how to needle turn applique and it has taken me well and truly out of my comfort zone.  After practicing on some scraps with various methods I have settled on the method demonstrated by Robyn Falloon in the DVD that accompanied issue 41 of Quilter's Companion Magazine.  We are coming to the conclusion of this project and I am still thinking about what I will select for next year.  I have a number of choices as we have decided to work on our individual selections in 2011 - should I work on another BOM project which is a mixture of needle turn and embroidery or machine applique and embroidery?  I have a feeling I won't decide until the last minute!

The weather promises to be quite dismal this weekend, I know that after I spend some time in the garden and walk the dog I will have time to devote to working on finishing my last block and getting the quilt together.  As I am off to a quilting retreat next weekend I want to get all the blocks together so I can work on the final pieced border at the retreat.

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