Monday, March 4, 2013

A busy few months...

I know I haven't written anything since October but I have been busy...

I went overseas for Christmas...

Germany for Christmas - no snow at all, very disappointing!  Rest of the experience was fantastic.
Christmas Market in Nuremberg
Christmas Market in Nuremberg
Then I went to Scotland for Hogmany, yet again no snow... And Europe is not that cold in Winter!
Edinburgh - loved it all!!!!
Loch Ness - and I slept through the 10 minute snow storm on the way back to Edinburgh!
Hogmany fireworks in Edinburgh
Hogmany fireworks in Edinburgh
We caught the train to London, I can recommend traveling by train over a flight - you don't save any time but you don't wait at an airport!  And yes, there was no snow, I went all that way for a white Christmas and didn't see snow once!!!! However there was a big dump right after I left, so much so that friends had difficulty getting home.

Piccadilly Circus - lost Mum here!
Tower Bridge
And then once I go home... couldn't be bothered to do any quilting!!!  Went to concerts instead!

On a more serious note I have been having problems with my left hand.  Perhaps I should listen to the doctor and give both hands a rest - that means trying to limit my sewing and computer time... what will I do?
trying to finish My Favourite Things Quilt
So I am limited to machine piecing... cutting is a problem though so I can only do a little at a time...

My version of a Pink Lemonade quilt
I have seen several pink lemonade quilts that I have just loved, thought I would give one a go so I raided the stash and made this over the weekend.  Colour doesn't look great as it has been photographed at night.  I'll try and remember to take one in the morning in day light.  I think it needs borders and am thinking of a narrow green with a wide boarder... I have the perfect wide border fabric - it has pink, yellow and orange.

I have also come full circle, twelve or thirteen years ago I started quilting when I finished my Masters degree.  I wanted to learn something new and something different so walked into a quilt shop and signed up for a class that started two days later.  Now I'm about to go back to Uni and complete another PostGrad Diploma... not sure I want to give up quilting time for study!!!

Be back soon... I promise!


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  1. Love your photos Amy, your trip has inspired me to do a European tour in Dec/Jan, even though there was no snow. I had a German girlfriend at school, her family really knew how to celebrate Christmas.
    Sorry to hear your hand is still keeping you from quilting. My foot's been a bother lately, but that only stops me from exercising! He,he! (bad girl!)
    Love your pink lemonade quilt, so bright and happy. Not sure about your study plans though, learning is fun but the assessment tasks are such a kill-joy.