Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying to sew...

Trying to sew...
But I feel guilty cos I have a mountain of correction... I'll get over that feeling quickly!
However I have carpel tunnel and can't feel my fingers...
And I have tennis elbow and my elbow is painful...

BUT I want to sew!


  1. Oh Amy I feel so sorry for you! I hope it gets better soon.
    I've been meaning to get in touch to find out how your stitch day went at the Treehouse. What a beautiful place it is!

    1. Had a fabulous day at Treehouse Textiles, machine piecing of blocks was my task and got heaps done. We can't wait to go back...

      On the hand front - it is not the sewing so much as the computer. Laughed when the doctor recommended reducing time on a computer!!! Realistic, NOT... looking trying a dictation app on the iPad.

    2. Oh dear! Bring on the summer break so your hand can recover. You can't be endangering your ability to quilt, more tragic than not being able to use a mouse & keyboard.