Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Challenge - ready, set, GO!

Quilt Challenge 2013-2014 is The Farmer's Wife Quilt!  I purchased the book a few years ago when I was looking for a pieced project with NO applique... However I didn't get started straight away cos I was stuck on selecting colours.  Stuck until I saw these colour variations!  This gave me the idea that I could do this in fresh, bright colours - so I have raided my stash (and purchased a lot more fabric) to use in this project.  It is a massive project and I'm not quite sure how I will fit it, University and work in but I'll give it a good go - it will also be the only project I'll work on this year... LOL!
fwqal button
Anyway I have decided to use mostly Tilda Fabric - not all of it is from the one range, I'm trying to go for a scrappy look so the different ranges and the fact that I have not selected any background fabric will hopefully give it that look.

Today I started with washing my fabric.  I stopped pre-washing a few years ago but recently read an article that outlined the pros and cons of pre-washing and the look of the quilted project after the first wash.  Most fabric shrinks the first time washed and I'd rather it shrink before I use it rather than when in a finished quilt, the shrinking of the fabric gives your completed quilt a slightly puckered look and while I don't mind it there have been some quilts where this happened and I was very disappointed.  Pre-washing also gets rid of all the chemicals that the fabric is treated with to keep insects away - great when you are making a walling hanging that you don't plan to wash, not so great  for you while sewing as you are exposed to these chemicals!
Washing line full!
Now I'm off to iron all forty-five pieces!
The only time I like ironing!

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  1. Great post Amy. I loved your pinterest board for the Farmer's Wife. I am tempted to do it too after seeing all the gorgeous array of ways it can be set out, will think on that! Love the fabrics you've chosen in the end, the Tilda ones I've seen are lovely. Are you sure you'll only do one sewing project this year? The BOM from Treehouse comes out soon and from the sneak peak I was privileged to have, it looks amazing. Though it does sound as if you have a lot on your plate.