Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A finished quilt, well almost!

I am in the process of getting as many projects finished before I go back to work next week and I thought I would have a go at quilting on the quilting machine at Mum's house.  She can't use it at present as she is recovering from her shoulder surgery so I may as well have a go!  I've loaded it on the machine and selected the designs I want to use, now it is just time to work on it.

I started this quilt some months ago and got most of it completed in one day but came to a stand still when I couldn't decide what to do for the final borders.  Well in my desire to get it finished and off my UFO list I made a decision...



  1. Get your act together and post some more
    Love Trish

  2. How's this quilt coming along now Amy? Hope you've had some time on the holidays to work on this or some other project.

  3. Hi Amy, I've just created my 1st blog and I've been trawling around the internet for the "Twelve Days of Christmas" quilt by Viv's Creations (which I'm working on)and came across your beautiful blog. Did you ever start/complete this quilt?