Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missing block - An Angels Story

I am finally putting together all my completed blocks from An Angels Story. Today I got part one completed, however you can imagine my shock and horror when I moved onto part two to find that I was missing a block.

Now imagine, dear readers, my concern and reaction. I tore my sewing space to pieces in the search for the missing block. Then I remembered a visit from a dear friend, a friend who shall remain nameless. (I shall give you a hint, I am her toilet spot when she works in the area during the summer holidays.)

Please also remember, dear friends that currently I am in equal first position to win the 2011 Quilting Challenge. Is this a devious plot to ensure that my competition ends up first?? Has my friend turned traitor and decided to determine the result of our friendly challenge and allow a third party to win the trophy? All these questions were running through my mind, when I had a light bulb moment... Yes the block was found in with another project, I shall have to apologise for thinking that my friend would contemplate doing something so devious... but remember we are all very competitive!


  1. Glad to hear you found the missing block, now there's nothing stopping you - go Amy! Enjoy the holidays :)

  2. I am so offended that you accuse me of theivery!! You arr far far more to me than a toilet stop, you are my free coffee as well! Come on back beach quilter and show us all the trophy you have taken home. We also want to see you new offerings for this year too!