Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Butterfly and Flower Raffle Quilt

At the end of the school year after the students are finished and the teachers are writing their reports, tidying offices and generally winding down for the summer holidays a St Vincent De Paul Raffle is run by the staff for the staff.  Various contributions come from all areas of arts, crafts, gardening and food - all donated to support the St Vinnies Raffle.  This year I ran out of time to make a quilt but Kathy (my Mum) kindly donated an unfinished quilt she had in her stash.  Of course she quilted it and I have to say that I love the butterfly and flower all over quilting patterns.  The colours are my favourite and very fitting for the festive season.  I will have to buy heaps of raffle tickets in order to win the quilt back!

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