Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update... gone sewing!

A certain someone (who shall remain nameless) keeps bugging me about my latest blog entry.  To be perfectly honest I have been very busy working on a few sewing projects.  Had a wonderful day sewing last Saturday and made a beautiful pale pink and raspberry quilt top in a day.  All that is left is to add the final borders then off to the quilter (Mum!)

I have also finished my August AND September block for An Angels Story.  I know I am a bit behind in showing pictures but they don't look nice when taken at night.  SO I PROMISE to take some pictures of all that I have been busy creating over the last two weeks on Saturday and share - boy I hope the sun is out!

But in the meantime you might want to check out what I have been doing on pinterest.  Every time I come across something amazing in my online journey I just pin the image to one of my notice boards. Needless to say, I have boards on a number of different topics! Very addictive!!

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